Spouse Migration

If you want immigration of your spouse, fiancé or any de-facto relationship to Australia, you need Spouse visa. If you are already in Australia for completing your visa days, you can call your spouse or you two can move together to Australia. The process has its own requirements like English language proficiency (IELTS), medical examination, and several other documents. Your spouse will have his on visa application that will require certain type of documents for attachment with the application. However, the criteria for the spouse is lenient. For example, IELTS band is lenient as compared to you, the main applicant. This is because your spouse is secondary applicant.

In case of wife/spouse

You have to show the Government of Australia that you and your partner lived for at least one year before you though to of applying for the visa. This visa is also permanent visa just like you applied for permanent residence. The visa processes in two main steps in which your partner will get temporary visa t first and then he/she will be given permanent residence visa after two years. The period starts from the time you lodged your application.

In case of Finance

Fiance’s also get visas to live together with their partner. But, the visa is not permanent. At first, your fiance gets 9 months visa to show the Department f Immigration that you are really interested into getting married. You both get married and then your partner can apply with the identity of being your better half. Then, the permanent visa is awarded.