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Many Visa Types, One Company Exon Immigration
Australian Government offers various kinds of visas. Now, it depends on your needs which types of visa suites you the most. It depends on your education, family status, and skill level. If seen in detail, there are hundreds of visa types you can apply for. Most popular of them are visiting Australia, Studying in Australia, Working in Australia, Living in Australia and Australian citizenship. Exon immigration helps you get all sorts of visas. The primary detail of each visa types and its requirements are given below:

Skilled Worker: If you have good educational background, applying for skilled workers visa is the most suitable decision. Australians welcome intelligent people from all over the world to contribute into their growth together.

Student Visa: If you wish to study in Australia’s top universities, you can get student visa. The visas include permanent to partial stay visas. Student visas are grated for a certain time period but can be extended with job options during studies.

Spouse Visa: If you are in Australia and wish your family or spouse to Australia, you can get spouse visa or family migration. Your partner or family can get temporary or permanent visa. Each type of visa has its own processing and requirements