The Fastest Growing Ethnic Community of Australia

Australia is one of the most attractive countries of the world for students, skilled workers and for settlers after the UK, New Zealand, UK and United States of America. The immigrants from China and India are more than any other country of the world who are willing to stay permanently in Australia. This number is increasing so rapidly from last two years. The New Zealanders are also one of those nations who prefers to stay in the Australia permanently. However, the number of immigrations has been decreased in the last couple of years.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics issued a report that shows 237000 people migrated to Australia from different countries of the world that is 8% higher than last year’s immigration data. The report further says that the number of Indian immigrants is more than any other country of the world. Thousands of students, skilled workers and settlers migrate to Australia per year. The permanent immigration is coming from India to Australia. Statistic data shows that more than 50% Indians were given the status of permanent immigration in 2013 and the percentage may increase in 2014.

Most of the Indians and Chinese apply for permanent immigration when their temporary immigration period expires. Excluding the students and skilled workers, the total arrival of Indians in Australia for permanent immigration status was calculated 19000 this year that can be doubled by the end of this year. This number was three times higher than the total arrival last year. The Chinese are at the second level of permanent residential status in Australia. The total applicants for the year 2014 were calculated 18240 till March 2014 and hopefully will increase by the end of this year.

Most of the Chinese belong to a business community that wants to stay permanently in the Australia. The Australian government allows the Chinese business community to enter or exit as much time they want during the visa life. This special rebate is given to promote business activities in Australia through Chinese investors and other business vendors. The Australian government allows one year visa for the business community of the world, but this policy is different with china. The Chinese are issued three year visa with the special permission of multiple visits during this visa time period.

This is all for the promotion of business in both of the countries. The Australian government issued 80,000 business visas for Chinese in the first three months of 2014 which that is 18% of total business visas issued to the whole world. These Australian Immigration Authorities are of view that these visas are issued at the request of the ministry of trade and commerce of Australia. A massive decrease has been seen in the total number of immigrants from New Zealand. Australia was a favorite country for New Zealanders in the last few decades and a healthier migration were seen from New Zealand. Now the situation different and the number of immigrations from China and India is higher than New Zealand and from any other country of the world.