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This website is entire property of exon immigration. Exon Immigration owns and operates this its own way. Whenever word ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ come into these terms and conditions, it means Exon Immigration. On the other hand, for client, we use words like ‘client’, ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’, etc. You are only allowed to use the website and avail its services if you agree with its terms and conditions. Below are the terms and conditions specified by Exon Immigration.
The use of this website, and using its services is only possible in the case of agreeing to its terms and conditions that are described below. Nobody is forced to agree with our terms and conditions. You can disagree at any time and leave the site.
To use the services and the site in best possible way, you have to provide true and authentic information about yourself or anybody else who is involved along with you into availing the services of this website. All the material provided on the website is the property of Exon Immigration and cannot be used as non-commercial or personal used unless specified. We do not guaranteed that all the content present on our site is error free.

Migration Information
DIAC has its own policies and rules. They change quite often whenever new policies of immigration are formed. With any chance, we reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any time. It is client’s duty to stay updated with these terms. We will not notify any client for changes.
All the information and content present on our website is just different pieces of information. We do not have any intension to force anybody about immigration. We just provide useful information about immigration. This is not any sort of advice. All the information is reference information with general tone, which does not reflect the recent law on migration.
Nobody is allowed to use this information of immigration unless you contact us for individual circumstances and requests considered. This way, we will be able to give you best possible advice. Until you sign the contract, we do not work as immigration consultant for you. Providing your personal information, status or circumstances on our website or contact form does not mean signing a contract. The Exon Immigration becomes your consultant when you pay initial installment of fee, sign the contract with us and agree with our terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property
The entire content of this website is copyright by exon Immigration. Information can be downloaded from our site for reference, individual, or non-commercial usage. The content is copyright so copying, republishing, reproduction, post in some other resource, transmit to third party or all other sorts of information distribute is not allowed until permitted by us. All the pieces of text, pictures, videos, graphics, source code or any other module of software is our property, which cannot be used without our permission.
Exon Immigration owns this website. The entire business, its processes, trade-marks, favicon, are our proprietary information. If anyone has intension to use one of our properitery information, they can contact to obtain our written permission. Otherwise, this is not allowed by the rules and regulations of the site.

External linked websites
Our site contains many external links. We are not responsible for any act, information, procedures, or any other function. They have their own domain of work and they are responsible for it. Those sites may be directly or indirectly benefitting us but it is not necessary they bring benefit to you as well. By availing our services, you understand that those links are not working under our control. If you avail any services, information or any content from those external links, it is entirely your own responsibility. You also agree that any benefit or damage caused by those external links is also your own responsibility. Our company will not be accountable for it.

It is not guaranteed by Exon Immigration that our site will be available to you 24/7. It is made to work round the clock but certain incidents may cause the functions interrupt for some while. We are also unable to take responsibility of any loss that you get from errors, or breakdown of our site.

Anti-Spam Property
We do not use your email or any email concerning your immigration case for unwelcome electronic correspondence.