Skilled workers and Australian immigration

Australian Visa is available in different forms. Temporary work visa, this can be valid for 1 day up to 4 years. Employers can sponsor this visa. First of all you need to know about some general skilled migration to Australia. If you want to move Australia for work or to live, you need a visa. Australia is an extremely famous destination for highly skilled young people who wish to start a new life in another country. The Australian government has announced visa for skilled people. It has a reason to attract those people who have some quality or any skill. The country’s economy is strong and Australian government welcomes talented migrants in their country. It encourages the highly skilled and talented people. It would be also a benefit for Australia. If you successfully apply for a skilled migration visa you will be granted a permanent visa. The skilled migrants will be assessed on a point base system. Australia also accepts migrants with relatives in the country.

For Australian immigration, you need to fulfill these requirements for a permanent visa.

•             First of all, you must be under 45 years of age. If you are above 45 of age, you cannot apply for this visa.

•             Secondly, you should have total command of the English language to work in Australia. It is also known as Competent English. If you improve your proficiency in English you will be eligible to apply for this visa.

•             Your qualification must be at least post-secondary (university or trade) qualifications. Your work experience counts here. Your skills must be according to the requirement of the relevant Australian assessing body.

•             When you apply, you must nominate that Skilled Occupation which suits your qualification and fits in your skills and experiences. There is a list of occupations (SOL). This list can guide you to find the occupation according to your skills.

•             Recent work experience is needed to show on the body. You have to show your skills and work experience for the relevant occupation. That amount of work experience is needed, which is given on the form. If you are an international student, you may qualify for a waiver of this qualification.

•             If you are eligible to apply for Skilled Migrants. You will be assessed by giving point system.

1.            Age (Max 30 points)

2.            English language ability (Max 20 points)

3.            Overseas Education (Max 20 points)

4.            Overseas employment (Max 15 points)

5.            Australian employment (Max 20 points)

6.            Australian qualification (Max 5 points)

7.            Occupation in demand (No points)

8.           Partner skills (Max 5 points)

9.           State/territory government nomination (Max 10 points)

10.          Required points are: 60

For your points calculations, you can visit our Points Calculator.