Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489

There are many ways to get skilled migration. These skilled migrations are divided into several subclasses. Every subclass is given a specific number by Australian Immigration. These include all the types of visa applications. Skilled Independent Subclass 489 visa is specific for those who want to live, study and work in Australia along with their family. The visa is skilled regional or provisional visa in which you have to stay within Australia’s specified territory for four years. In subclass 489, visa points are calculated on the bases of age, education, experience, IELTS, etc. Exon Immigration is here to better guide you about individual cases. You can put your detailed qualification and experience and Exon Immigration will let you know if you qualify for this specific visa.
There are two pathways of application including invited pathway and extended pathway. In invited pathway, you must have sponsorship from state or territory government. Also, a relative can sponsor you to live in specific area of Australia for four years. In extended pathway, you must hold one of the following visas:

    • Independent Regional visa (subclass 495)
    • Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 475)
    • Regional Sponsored visa (subclass 487)
    • Designated Area Sponsored Provisional visa (subclass 496)

All of these visas are provisional skilled visas. If you have this visa, you can travel in and outside Australia.

    • Point based skill migration
    • Live, study and work in Australia
    • Permanent Visa
    • Get Australian citizenship
    • State or territory government sponsorship
    • Sponsor your family
    • Travel in and outside Australia
    • Medical and health facilities

You can apply for skilled migration subclass 489 if one of your relative in Australia, state or territory government sponsors you. This is a permanent visa. Once we get your skilled assessed from your concern society of Australia, we will launch expression of interest on your behalf. Once the Australian state, sponsoring your visa, will send invitation, you will have 60 days to apply for visa. We will apply on your behalf. After this time period, the invitation will expire. You also get medical facility and other health care facilities. Visa has its own requirements including:

    • Skill assessment
    • Passport
    • Age less than 50 years
    • Able to communicate in English
    • All documents provided, which are asked in documents checklist