Prerequisites of Skilled Australian Immigration

Australian skilled migration visa has many types. You can go to live in Australia permanently several ways. There are three most common ways that people adopt for migration. Skilled migration is a main class. Every class has different subclasses. Similarly, there are many subclasses for skilled migration. Each subclass has its own number. Most popular are 189, 190, and 489.

Each class of immigration has its own requirements and you must contain certain properties to get eligible for that visa type. In the same fashion, skilled worker visa has its own requirements or prerequisites. There are certain criteria that you must meet. Those specific factors completely make 60 points at least because 60 points are minimum to be eligible for the visa. They all together make the points system. Those factors include age, education, English language ability, skill level and work experience in your relevant field.

Age limit for applying a visa is minimum 18. Older persons can apply, but people older than 50 years cannot apply for a skilled visa. However, there are other visas and Australia believe good lifestyle is everybody’s right, so you can try some other visa type. Each age limit has its own granted points. For example, 18 to 24 years old people get 25 for their age, but people of 40 years to 45 get 15 points. Similarly, 45 to 49 get zero points and people above 50 are not eligible for this type of visa.

Then comes the turn of English Language proficiency. Each capability level has its own points, just like in the case of age. You should score more on English if other areas of your application are weak.This will cover your points to reach 60. People with the 7+ band in IELTS (International English Language Testing System) get 10 points and for 8+ band, they get 20 points.IELTS is the game of managing your time more than the actual proficiency in English. You have to score more correct answers in very short span of time. A good English user can also get a lower band if he remained unable to put the right information in right time.

If you have studied in Australia previously, this will turn into your plus point. You will get additional 5 points for it. But, the education must be completed in Australia from any Australian institute and the course must be taught in English.

Qualification is very important as it gives you a very high score as 20 for master’s level of PhD level studies. For lesser qualification, you will get lesser points. Education is the most important factors in skilled migration because your skills are dependent on your qualification. If you have overseas experience, it becomes your plus points because this doubles your importance in skilled migration. You have proven your skills in several years. This proves your proficiency. Similarly, Australian work experience is also beneficial for you. All of these are good sources of making good points. If you are qualified enough, you will score 60 points very soon. Last but not the least, partner’s skill qualification will also give you additional points.

When you pass all of these criteria, you get eligible for the visa. When your case will be approved, you will get a medical call and security clearance. Prior the start of the entire process, you must select a skill from the Skill Select list and get your qualification approved from your concerned society which is assessing your specific occupation.