Nurses Immigration to Australia – Requirements

The profession of nursing is required in all the parts of the world. Australia also needs nurses from all over the world. In fact, the profession of nursing is high in demand in Australia. That is why nurses are migrating to Australia from all over the world.

Australia welcomes nurses. The health of nurses is very important as they have to work in hospitals. They have to take care of patients, so they have to pass good health test for proving their fitness. Also, nurses must be qualified enough to handle certain cases in hospitals in Australia. Australia has given the level of education nurses need to qualify. Both the experience and education matter a lot. To show they are physically fit, all nurses first pass their own health test to prove the positive health condition. The medical test is a thorough test that all the applicants must pass before entering into the territory of Australia. This is also the case with nurses. They get informed automatically by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Australia when they need to go through the test. The medical test has several tests, but chest X-ray is very important test for them.

Each person who applies for immigration is informed about certain steps they need to take to complete their immigration process. The medical test is usually asked a few months before your immigration decision. After that, you will get a visa.


AHPRA or Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is the actual authority to register skilled nurses. When a nurse is registered with AHPRA, it means she holds a certain level of experience and education suitable for immigration.

ANMAC or Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council is the skill assessing authority. Every nurse has to get the skills assessed from this society to get immigration if she needs skilled migration. This skill assessment is one of many immigration phases. This assessment is required for the nurses who:

•        Need permanent migration to Australia

•        Need temporary graduate visa

•        Works in Australia as registered nurse

In all the cases, assessment is required for skilled migration. In fact, the procedure of immigration will start once you prove your skills. After that, you get assessed, you will be asked for a number of documents. When you are done by providing all the papers, you will get medical. This is the normal procedure of getting immigration until you have separate circumstances.

Visa Options for Nurses:

Sponsored Work Permit: In this category, nurses get sponsored by employers within Australia. This category has further three classes. Each class is called a visa subclass. For temporary work permit, visa class is 457. For this subclass, a registered nurse applies for visa by getting sponsor from an employer from Australia. This is also called business sponsor. Usually, the sponsorship of four years is required.

Other category in this employer nomination scheme. The age limit to get this visa type is under 50 years and nurses must have a certain level of education and work experience to get this visa. This type of visa is a permanent visa. The third type is regional sponsored migration type, in which an employer will sponsor your visa. You will nominate a skill and you must also have skills and education in your nominated skill. This visa type is also permanent visa. You will get job in regional Australia.

Skilled Migration:

If you want to migrate to Australia on the bases of your skills, you have to first get them assessed and then you can migrate to Australia. There are further many visa options under this category.