Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that can help you understand our products and services. However, if you still feel unanswered about a certain topic, you can contact us at any time. Our staff will be more than happy to help you at the best possible level.


Q1.Why Exon Immigration is the first choice?

A. Exon Immigration is providing world class services to our clients. Currently, we have clients from all over the world. Our clients are satisfied with us because of convenient services. We charge the least fee for one immigration case but work at same or better professional level as any other world renowned immigration company. If you do a quick survey of immigration consultation online, you will find our prices the best of all.

We have divided our staff in different teams. All of our experts are fully experienced people with several years’ experience in consultation. We know DIAC’s rules and work in accordance to them. We know this creates customer satisfaction and also gives us success and fame. Working according to DIAC’s rules is very easy as well because they are made for our convenience.

We deal all of our clients individually. Each case is very important for us. We deliver all our work on time. We like to work in professional way for our and our client’s better.


Q2. What is your fee structure?

A. You will pay us fee in three installments of $600 dollars each. First installment is paid before we start your work. Second installment is asked when ITA (Invitation to Apply) is received. Last installment is asked on visa grant.


Q3. I want to lodge visa application – what are the possibilities?

A. Australian Immigration Department presents hundreds of different kinds of visas that are categorized to suit the needs of every professional. There are many sorts of visas from which some are the most famous ones including Skilled Migration, Spouse Visa, Employer Visa and Student Visa. This depends on your circumstances, qualification and skill level which visa you can apply for.


Q4. How would I know certain visa type is suitable for me?

A. A complete visa range can confuse you. It is difficult to choose the correct visa type for yourself. In fact, the entire process is quit complex and may require the assistance of some professional to help you go through the entire process smoothly. We, at Exon immigration, have gone through hundreds of such cases and we can assess which visa type is the most appropriate for you.

Once your visa type is assessed, we will lodge your visa application on your behalf. In our case, we have 100% success rate till now. We only undertake cases that are possible. We are sure there is definitely one type of visa for everyone. If one person does not fit in one type of visa, we find alternative kind of visa to suit his needs.


Q5. Do you provide in person consultation?

A.We are currently working for clients from the entire world. We have our head office in Pakistan. If you want to meet our consultants face to face, you have to visit our office. Our experts know in detail all the visa types, the process of immigration and the rules of DIAC. Their expertise are of professional standard. You can put a call to talk to us at any time. Our contact information is present on our site.

We also provide consultation through Skype, IM, Email, Phone, and our website. All of the mediums are equally effective.


Q6. What is I cannot visit your office in person? Are there any other possibilities?

A. Yes, why not! We are giving our services to the clients throughout the world. This is very common that our clients cannot visit us in person. It does not matter as we also provide services through many other possibilities.

    • Phone: You can talk to us at any time with the numbers +92 300 454 1956 and +92 423 530 1551.
    • Skype: You can talk to us free of cost at Skype. Our Skype ID is (Skype ID will come here)
    • Email: You can send us your initial details at our EMAIL (Email link will come here) and we will contact you with initial details.
    • Viber: You can also contact us through Viber (Viber number will come here), a free IM and calling tool.

Once you choose us as your consultant, you will get your case initially assessed. This will help you to know the correct visa type, fee, and other prerequisites for visa. These may include important documents, IELTS, medical, etc. All the things go side by side with the processing of visa application. We will guide you about each step. Your case will be our responsibility as we undertake it.


Q7. What if my partner of friend wants to visit you with me

A. Anybody can accompany you during you visit to our office. But, we provide consultation to one person. For individual person, you friend also needs to go through same process of consultation.
Q8. Do you charge for preliminary consultation?
A.No! Our preliminary consultation is absolutely free. You can contact us to know if you are eligible for Australian visa application. Later, you can hire us as your consultant.


Q9. What do you explain in first meeting?

A.You can contact us to get appointment if you are intended to meet face to face. Otherwise, we provide preliminary consultation on phone, email, Skype and Viber also. If you want to meet us, come to our office and we will know your initial details including you experience, occupation, qualification, etc. This will help us understand the visa type your circumstances fall into and also which documents you need to provide us to start work immediately and which to provide us later on.


Q10. What can I expect in consultation package?
A.We provide the following services in one consultation package

    • Let you know which visa type you can apply for
    • Any special condition that needs to be addressed in your case
    • Intimate you about overall visa process and then ask you to deliver required documents when the time comes
    • Providing you details about average time and visa status. Visa status is told on demand
    • We will take all the actions with DIAC on your behalf. You are required to provide required documents on demand


Q11. Describe the process after I pay fee for consultation!
A.When you agree to pay for consultation, you become one of our clients. We will, first of all, sign a contract with you that you have to read and then sign with care. After that, we will start the first step, i.e. Skill Assessment, of your immigration process. We start the work as we keep getting documents from you. We have sufficient staff to handle any sort of work load so the process especially requires cooperation from your side. As soon as you send us required detail, that particular step will be executed immediately.

Q12. Has Exon ever failed in any Immigration case?
A.Fortunately, not yet! Till now, we have 100% success rate. Even the clients who get rejected earlier from DIAC got approval through us. This was because of the knowledge of putting application in right manner. The right format of documents at correct time is very essential. We work according to professional standards. We will tell you in advance if you can apply for certain type of visa. Every profession has a possibility. We identify the correct visa type.

Q13. What are your charges for visa application?
A.DIAC has its own types of visas. There is separate fee for each kind of visa. The fee can be described after your visa type is selected. However, you can put your initial information with us and we will let you know a quote.

Q14. Is there any limitation of phone or email consultation?
A.There is no limit. You have the right to call us for any sort of inquiry. Similarly, email correspondence is also free of cost. You can ask any question through your emails. We will happily answer your queries.

Q15. Is it also included in Exon’s consultation to find an ‘employer’ for me?
A.We are immigration consultant. It’s been six successful years of safe consultation. But, we do not guarantee anybody that your employer will provide you the job or we will arrange any employer for you. You have to do it yourself.

Q16. Do you authenticate my documents during visa application process?
A.Exon Immigration is providing its services in consultation services only. We ask you several documents for applying to DIAC. But, we cannot guarantee if your documents are real. You are liable to provide true and authentic information to us. We will attach your documents with your application as it is.

Q17. How often is DIAC’s policy changed? How it will effect immigration process?
A.Normally, the immigration policy changes in July and September. But, it can be changed at any other time as per their requirements. Upcoming visa applications may be effected by the change but current clients remain as they are.


Q18. What are the payment options?
A.We accept payments through many ways for the convenience of our clients. We accept credit cards, western union, bank transfer, wire transfer, and cash.