Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program

When the growth rate of a society falls below 1.3, it is hard for the society to survive. This is because a certain level of manpower is always required to sustain a healthy society. This is the opinion of socioeconomic experts throughout the world. Canada has also sustained a healthy growth rate. To overcome the problem of less population, it is inviting certain count of people from all over the world. There are lots of visas you can try for, but skilled immigration is the most popular one. For every skill, there is CIC, which means Citizenship and Immigration Canada. They assess the skills of professionals. They know who to keep and who to reject. Skills required by Canada are listed in a skill list.

Canada is a broad minded Society, where they don’t make a discrimination because of race, sex, age, religion, etc. They just know how to respect each and every person they call for immigration. All of the migrants enjoy the same level of facilities as other Canadians. Those who want to apply on the bases of their skills come under Federal Skilled Workers. They are assessed on the bases of point system. The point system helps to evaluate each person’s capacity to live normally in Canadian society and adopt the rules as they are. This is what the Canadian government expects from each migrant.

The real thing that a person must hold is employment skills. The Canadian government will prefer you if you are skilled enough to work in your profession. Also, you should have sufficient experience in the profession you mention as the main profession in your papers. If you manage to find a job in Canada, it will become your plus point. If you already have worked in Canada, this is also useful experience.

Prior to 2002, Canadian immigration rules were not very tough. But, in 2002, Canada needed some program to set certain rules for migrants. That included skill level and experience. There are many ways to assess them. When you go through an assessment process, you get to know in detail about it. However, the reason of this program’s introduction was same. It provided skillful persons an easy to migrate to international society of Canada if they are able to adopt it and work there for its good. The points system is there to check the age, educational background, the experience you gained in your relevant skill, English or French language ability and various other factors. Those further factors adds plus points to your visa application. If you have worked in Canada or studied in Canada, you will get credit for it.

Altogether 67 points are required to qualify for the visa application. The details of the point system can be found anywhere on the internet. You can also visit Canada’s official immigration site for authentic information. A lot of people fell into this category and millions of people had a wish to migrate that land of opportunities. Still, CIC was getting a  huge count of visa applications. Not all of them were selected to move Canada for work. Many were also rejected. But, there was a need to streamline things. Canada said they will not accept countless applications from all over the world. They will only accept 20K applications in one year. After that, applications will be closed and the entire department will work on processing of those applications.