Australian Immigration

Exon Immigration provides all kinds of immigration services. Our expert team members are skilled in their particular legislation of immigration. There are 5 kinds of visas you can apply for including:

    • Skilled Migration
    • Business Visa
    • Student Visa
    • Employment Visa
    • Family Member Visa

Each has its own procedure and criteria. We require essential information from you. You need to provide all essential information to launch a complete application that returns with granted visa only. Otherwise, in the case of incomplete information, your case can delay or get objected.

After gathering all the necessary information from your side, our experts immediately start working on your case. They prepare all your academic, career and personal documents according to the regulations of DIAC. Then, they submit your application to DIAC.

The case gets into immigration queue. At first, the immigration officers check your documents and inform you that they are going to process your case for immigration. Then, they start processing your case that require some verifications and further documents. Once all the documents gets assessed, they grant you the visa. With a certain time limit, you have to leave for your dream land of Australia where you need to stay for three years to get citizenship.

Skilled Australian immigration has many subcategories. Three of them are the most popular ones. They include subclass 189 for skilled independent, subclass 190 for skilled nominated and subclass 489 for nominated or sponsored.

    • Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa: In this subclass a person, employer, family or territory of Australia sponsors the visa for an individual. In this case, a person is allowed to stay and work inside Australia. This does not have any limit. Entire territory of Australia is included in this visa. If there are some family members who are dependent on the application holder, they can also get migration.
    • Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa: This is point based system in which a state or a specific territory will sponsor the visa for an individual. In this visa, certain family members who are directly dependent on the applicant can also be included in the migrants. The applicant is allowed to work anywhere in Australian territory.
    • Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Subclass 489) Visa: This type of visa is also sponsored one in which a specific state, territory or a relative sponsors the main applicant. It is necessary that the sponsor relative is living in designated territory of Australia. This visa will be allowed only for specific areas of the country in which he can stay for four years.