Australian Immigration – Health Requirements

Australia welcomes people from all around the world. These include students to skilled workers. Australia wants you to go there and contribute to their community with great success. If you have good health, you can achieve your targets. If you are not physically fit, what can you do for the nation of Australia? Australia commits to provide you with all the facilities of life. You also have to prove yourself as a profitable future citizen.

Australia is a caring society with very high lifestyle. They do not just take care of their own local people, but they also welcome to immigrants. In that land, the health related facilities are free of cost. You get medical treatment free but after you become an Australian citizen. To become an Australian citizen, you have to go through the entire process of immigration. This process has its own requirements and complexities. In addition to many eligibility criteria, you have to prove as healthy citizen. Nobody can declare you healthy in this case. You have to pass medical examination yourself. This is compulsory for every citizen to pass this examination. Once you meet at least predefined health requirements, you will be granted Australian visa for permanent residence. But how to meet those health requirements? Here is the answer.

Visa type and individual circumstances decide if you need to go through the medical examination. But, this is about a very special kind of visa applications. Normally, all visas, including permanent visas and some temporary visas need health examination as a part of visa processing. This is a major part just like IELTS or personal skill proofing. In some cases, like if somebody is going on visit visa, a thorough scan is not required. However, there is still need to have certain vaccinations before you enter the territory of the country. This is why either Australia requires having certain vaccinations in your own country or having it on the airport so that you can be safe for other Australian citizens.

Each visa subclass has its own health requirements. In the case of some visa subclasses, you may not need to go through medical. In some cases, if you fail to meet the required health criteria, your visa will be granted. As talked earlier, this happens in the case of very few visa subclasses. For health examination, Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has certain rules that must be followed.

Going Through Medical Examination!

To migrate to Australia as permanent citizen, you must meet health requirements. For this, your medical examination will be conducted. These medical exams describe your present health condition to DIAC. On the basis of the e medical results, your health will be determined. If you are healthy, you will be allowed to move to Australia. Otherwise, your visa grant will be stopped until you recover from a certain disease.

For those who are applying for permanent residence visa, your medical examination will include several small body scanning like a urine test, blood test, eye test, weight, height, skin scan, etc. Women also go under complete breast scan to determine any abnormalities. If your medical examiner discovers anything abnormal in the scan, he can suggest you further tests like chest X—ray and HIV test, etc. But this is applicable for people 15 years of age or more than this age.

Another point that must be made clear here is that your dependents who you wish to call Australia in the near future also need to have a medical examination along with other applicants. These include all those family members who can migrate inn’s future. This is not necessary to include them in the list of people who are migrating with you now. They can be included in your visa application later on.

How to Arrange a Medical Examination?

There are several panel clinics in your country to arrange a medical examination. Australian immigration department trusts those clinics. They will never make fake results. They always make authentic results. This is just like IELS in which nobody can make false score. IELTS show a person’s actual ability of the English language.

Usually, a health examination is arranged after you lodge your visa application. When you apply for visa application, DIAC determines the time of your health examination. At that time, you need to provide your health results. DIAC sends you a HAP ID and you are requested to go through the examination. Before you go to your panel clinic, you need to download and print eMedical referral letter. You will give this letter to the staff for your medical examination.

After making an appointment, you will go to the clinic with your HAP ID and referral letter. HAP ID is the ID through which your eMedical case is located with DIAC. They will scan your body as per described by DIAC. Then, all those results are again added to eMedical. This is how the eMedical is submitted to DIAC. DIAC will assess your medical case and then your visa application is once updated. Your status has been updated too.

In the case you have not lodged your application, you can still apply for going through health examination.

Locating your HAP ID:

HAP ID is your actual health case ID. This is required for the panel clinic staff to update your health examination. You can get it in the eMedical referral letter. This letter contains this ID. If you do not wish to download the file, your HAP ID will come after you apply for visa application.  You will be assigned a case officer after application lodge. Your case officer will send you this document after application lodge.

If you have not lodged your application yet, you will not be assigned any case officer. In this case you have to download the form of  eMedical client system. You can provide your medical examination in advance, but it is recommended to go through the immigration steps as asked by DIAC.

eMedical Client System:

The eMedical client system is good for recording your history of health. This is good to record the information on your own. You have to update the file before you go your panel clinic for examination. This is true for both kinds of applicants, including those who have lodged their application and those who haven’t yet lodged their application.

You will get an eMedical login ID. You can login with that ID to enter your details about your present health. There are a lot of questions about your health condition. There are two options in front of every question. You have to check either Yes, No, and save the information in that form. You can also print your medical history.

eMedical Referral Letter:

eMedical letter is also important. You have to print it before you go for medical scans. There is an option of printing this letter at the bottom of the page. Click on the button of ‘Print Referral Letter’. The form will be printed that will contain basic information like your date of birth, family name, gender, country, and visa type, etc.

When to Arrange a Medical Exam?

You don’t have to worry about your case at all. Your case officer will need certain documents time to time. You just have to provide them. This is also true for medical examination. When DIAC will need your medical, they will either send you a letter by mail or send an email. Your case officer will send an email to inform you about when you should go under medical examination.

In the case you have not yet applied for a visa, you can still go for medical examination. You just need a passport. You can get your HAP ID through My Health declaration service. This is an online service.

Things to Take to Medical Examination:

This is a very important point. You have brought lots of things for medical examination. If you miss any of those things, your medical will not be taken until you provide the required documents. First, you need referral letter. In addition, you need your passport, your personal use spectacles, and contact lenses if you use, medical reports of any current disease, and x-ray of chest taken in history, etc. If you have not gone any x-ray in the past, you will go as it is. They will take fresh x-ray. This usually happens in the case of kids.

How Much a Medical Examination Costs?  

This depends on every country. The fee is different in each country. As an estimate, consider the fee equal to any regular thorough examination. Consider if you are going to a qualified level practitioner for examination. You can ask for examination fee by calling at the panel medical clinic. They will elaborate the tests in detail.

When you go to a panel clinic for examination, you will see other people will also be having their tests done.

Australia gives much significance to a healthy society. It is providing free health facilities to all its residents. Being healthy is very much essential so that you don’t become a health threat to any other person in Australia.