Australian Immigration for PhD Holders

Australia is one of the strongest nations in the world. This is world’s smallest yet largest island in the world. The population is also not very much. That’s why the country needs more skillful people from all over the world. Australia welcomes people to study and live as the primary student to PhD or postgraduate students. Also, PhD doctors go Australia after their skill assessment. The skills are assessed from the designated authority of the profession.

PhD doctors may also go Australia for research work. This visa is called the postgraduate research sector visa. The subclass of this kind of visa is 574. This visa will allow applicants to stay in Australia until the visa expires.

If someone wants to get permanent residence, he has to apply for such visa right from the start or live in Australia and then apply. In both cases, you will get visa after a certain time period. People from all over the world are coming for these visas.

To get a visa, a PhD holder must below the age of 50. He has to complete 60 points to get the visa. PhD holders do not have any additional benefits except getting extra educational points. When it comes to education in point calculations, they get more points. Doctorate degree has 20 points for education. All of other educations have lesser points. Like bachelor degree has 15 points.

For other points, you have to show your age, education, experience, English language ability, Overseas work experience, etc. If your age is above 49, you get zero points. It is good to apply for visas as soon as possible. If you are getting more than 50, you can choose the option to get PhD education in Australia. After completing your education, you can apply for visa easily. But, before that, you would have to apply for a skilled independent visa type.

Skill level also matters a lot. You have to prove your skills to get the skilled independent visa. You can apply as a professional, if your skill is in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This list is updated very often by the Australian Immigration Department. If your skill is present there, you can apply for that visa, but if your skill is not listed yet, it means visas for your skill are temporarily closed.

English language ability can make your score good. Usually, PhDs have better English abilities. For superior use, you will get 20 points, which is one third of the total points. But, on the other hand, it is very difficult for many people to get 20 points in English language. You will need 8 bands of the IELTS. This is 8 bands in each module of the IELTS. This is a little difficult, but not impossible. Many people take this exam and get 8 bands.

You will qualify for superior English language if you have a passport of UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, etc. This means you are proficient in communicating well in English.

If unfortunately, you do not get enough points, don’t just worry. You can collect points from several ways. If you lack in points of education, you can improve your experience points or the IELTS points. That’s why, most of the professionals can apply for these visas. You can also wait for policy change of the Australia, which happens usually in July and November. New rules may also include you to list of most wanted professions.