Australian Immigration and Living Cost

People think when they move to Australia after a much more complex process of Australian immigration, their half- problem is solved. The reality is a little different. The living cost must be considered as well. That is a big reality that you cannot neglect. You will get registered with Medicare and CentreLink. You will start getting benefits from these organizations. Medical and education is free. The system for both facilities is also very flexible, but there are other big challenges to face like residence, food and transportation. If you are wise enough, you should carry enough money with you to live for six months at least. This period is enough to understand a new place and get a suitable job.

The major most challenge will be an accommodation. The rents of houses are substantial in the main cities. However, if you find one house in the surroundings of the city, you can save much money. You will be able to save up to 30% of the total rent this way. But, this is the biggest hurdle. You can get a house that comes into your budget. This is purely your choice. Everything has a solution. You can look for a house which is not fully furnished. Fully furnished houses are expensive. Second hand units will save your money in future.

For transportation, you can prefer public transport. It is less expensive as compared to keeping a personal car. That is the reason Australians prefer their transportation networks for travelling within the entire country. Their rail, busses, etc. Are economical mean of getting to one place from another. You can reach anywhere through the transportation network in Australia. One way ticket may cost you up to A$4. But, you can also avail monthly pass in A$120 almost.

The food has remained to talk about. Australia provides pure food products. Usually, the cost of food is moderate in Australia. Some products will cost you higher while some are inexpensive. But, food is always under your own control so it is useless to give any certain advice on it. It is because every culture and person has its own eating habits. People most of the time eat from small restaurants available on every other street. It is recommended to make budget and also avoid eating from outside to save money.

Eating two persons outside will cost you almost between A$25 to A$45. On average, two persons eat in A$35. Find good grocery stores near your house and avoid shopping in big shopping malls. There are grocery stores in every area.