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Exon Immigration provides its professional services in business and skilled migration to the magnificent country of Australia. You can also try our easy to go free assessment system to count your points of immigration. This way, you will have initial information about your eligibility to apply for visa. For rest of the expert work, we are here with our ever welcoming services. We make your mind clear about your immigration requirements. We provide immigration services for students, skilled persons, businessmen, family members, and employee visa. We work in accordance to the laws of DIAC (Australian Department of immigration).We have yet handled from straightforward to complex cases. Our experience makes us trustworthy for our clients.

Why Exon?In the fast paces era, everyone wants best lifestyle facilities. Australia is providing them and we are providing services to reach the dreamland. Our services are of professional standards yet very cost effective. Our prices are competitive in the whole market. Our success rate is 100%.We only undertake the cases that are actually able to process. We do not scam with people. This way we save their money and build confidence among our clients. We have a record of working in true professional environment. We know the time is very important factor in immigration. That’s why, we deliver all our work on time.

At presents, we are working for many clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, America, Egypt and many more.

Why Australia? Australia is one of very few worth living countries in the world with many state of the art lifestyle facilities to spend your life really tension free. We provide immigration services to all the parts of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Queensland, or Brisbane. Currently, we are working for the clients from all over the world.

Australia facilitates its citizens very much. Once you migrate to Australia, you get basic and advanced level facilities. Those facilities include free medical, free education, subsidies on many daily use products and services. Australian migrants have the right to vote and choose their future leader. The job opportunities are vast for migrants.

DIAC (Australian Department of immigration) Guidelines!

DIAC (Australian Department of immigration) is the authority to grant visa. It has its specific guidelines of submission and documents. That is very important to take care of. Our success rate is 100% yet because we work in accordance with DIAC regulations. We know what DIAC wants to learn about your career. We tell them the right thing in right format. DIAC format is very important and our team of professionals knows itvery well. Each team member keeps its knowledge about DIAC updated. That’s why we guide our clients the best.We help our clients right from start till the end of the immigration process. It seems nice when they get our telephone call informing their visa is granted.

Choose us as your agent because we can make your immigration possible. We have handled many complex cases and those clients are enjoying their lives in Australia.

Canada is a great place for those who want to live their lives in good style having access to all the basic and advanced facilities required for quality life. People from all over the world are moving to the spectacular country. We help people put their case to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). EXON Immigration has got positive repute in immigration consultancy. This is the result of our quality services and people believe in us.
Our teams are in touch with latest happenings at CIC. We know the changing rules and regulations. We work in accordance the latest rules set by CIC. This is why our success rate is growing fast like our business. see more..

Students and skilled workers been found spending a good deal of money to immigrate to Australia or Canada, but often they become a victim of con artists who deprive them of their hard earned cash. What they need to do is to find a well reputed source to guide them properly to immigrate to Canada or Australia.

Those looking for a reliable source to help them utilize their great skills in Australia or Canada, Exon can definitely help them realize their dreams for skilled Australian immigration as well as skilled Canadian immigration.


Give us a call or send us your details and we will tell you which scenario of immigration will suite you the most. We provide immigration services for all the cities of Australia.

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